Market Terms and Conditions


The Okanagan ChristmasFest Outdoor Artisan Marketplace will be held December 1 to 12, 2020, at Meadow Vista Artisan Farm Winery at 3975 June Springs Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4E4.


What you will be provided:

  1. 6ft x 5ft wooden shack

  2. 750 W power outlet

  3. Opportunity to book by the day or longer.

  4. Free Parking


What you should bring:

  1. Additional decorations for your shack (please note that this event is the 12 days of Christmas…so something suitable for your “day” would be wonderful!}

  2. Hand Sanitizer for your shack (additional sanitizing stations will be set up)

  3. In the event that you have booked a shack for multiple consecutive days, these shacks are lockable.  Vendor must provide their own lock and must remove the lock on the last day of their rental period.  Any locks still on after the vendors last day will be cut off.

  4. Power bar to plug into your dedicated outlet, this will reduce blowing the breaker for ALL the shacks.

  5. You will have some Christmas lighting on your shack, but it is recommended you bring extra lighting for inside your shack if you require brighter lighting.

  6. Heater (if required) must not be more than 750W.  Limited heaters are available to rent for $10/day.

  7. A chair/stool if you require something to sit on.

  8. The shacks are on grass and have no flooring. If you require flooring, please bring a small rug or cardboard. 

  9. Please note that we cannot guarantee wifi as this is an outdoor event.

  10. Your beautiful wares and your Christmas spirit!


Set up Date/Time:

Every market day from 2 hours prior market opening


Tear Down Date/Time:

Each day after market closing


Okanagan ChristmasFest Artisanal Marketplace 2020 dates:

December  1: 5pm - 8pm Tues $45+GST

December  2: 5pm - 8pm Wed $45 + GST

December  3:  5pm – 8pm Thur $55 + GST

December  4:  5pm – 9pm Fri $80 +GST

December  5:  3pm – 9pm Sat $120 +GST

December  6:  3pm – 8pm Sun $100 +GST

December  7:  5pm - 8pm Mon $45+GST

December  8:  5pm - 8pm Tue $45 +GST

December  9:  5pm - 8pm Wed $45+GST

December 10: 5pm - 8pm Thur $55+GST

December 11: 5pm - 9pm Fri $80+GST

December 12: 3pm - 9pm Sat $120 +GST


Dec 1-6th Rate: 6 consecutive days discounted rate $400+ GST

Dec 7th -12th: 6 consecutive days discounted rate $375 + GST



1. Show Management Team of the Okanagan ChristmasFest will be described as OCF throughout this Terms and Conditions.

2. Vendors must be comprised of crafted/artisanal goods of their own making or agricultural goods they produce, grow or raise themselves. Or run a concession (food truck).

3. Vendors are accepted based on providing a varied and curated offering of items for each day of the market. Vendors are limited to items approved as listed on the application form, and as such may only sell approved items. Any changes or additions to product lines must be approved by OCF in advance.

4. Vendors obtain the right to use the assigned space/shacks and are responsible to ensure the space is manned for the entirety of the event. Vendors MAY NOT loan, give or sublease the shack(s) assigned to them.

5. Vendor Move-In: All shacks must be set up and operational 15 min before market opening without exception. Arranging of shacks during regularly scheduled market hours will not be permitted. No major changes to displays are permitted during public market hours without permission from OCF management.

6. Dismantling: No vendor shall dismantle or remove any part of its display before the specified move-out time without exception. All exhibit material must be dismantled and removed from the venue within the scheduled move-out hours. Any material remaining after the cut off time may be removed by OCF Management at Vendor’s expense.

7. Vendors are required to operate the entire duration of the booked operating hours of the market. It is the vendor’s responsibility to keep its area clean and orderly throughout the market and to ensure it is ready for opening at the time the market opens each day.

8. Vendors must remove vehicles from the market area prior to opening. Free parking is available on property.

9. Vendors are responsible to decorate the front and sides of their shack/tent in 
the Christmas spirit. Greenery, lights, etc.

10. Vendors who have previously arranged with show management to bring a 10x10 tent and to decorate for the season.
 Vendors who bring their own tent must properly secure all awnings and tents by adding sufficient weights (minimum 10 Kg on each corner). Weights must be on all 4 corners of tents and secured to the tents.

11. All outdoor vendors will receive a 750W electrical outlet. 
Generators must be less than 85dB as measured at the source. 

12. Vendors must supply their own garbage cans for waste in full view for customers.

13. All vendors must meet all health and fire regulations.

14. All food vendors are responsible to know and comply with all applicable BC CDC and IHA health regulations, and to provide a copy of their IHA Permit. Food Trucks will be provided with a 750 W outlet, all additional costs regarding grounding generators, etc…are at the cost of the Food Truck Vendor.

15. Vendors selling ready-to-eat foods must package foods into closed take-away containers or brown bags and post reminding patrons to sanitize their hands before and after touching food or drink items and to maintain a two-metre distance from other patrons.

Food sampling activities are not allowed.

16. All vendors should have appropriate insurance for their own protection. It is recommended that vendors carry their own liability insurance policy in the amount no less than $2,000,000. Please ask your insurance broker to include Redscope Media and Accelerate Communications Group as additionally insured.

17. OCF is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged articles or money.

18. OCF Management reserves the right to make changes, amendments and additions to the market rules and regulations at any time. 

19. Cancellation Policy: 90% Refund with more than 60 days notice. 50% Refund with 30-60 days notice. Less than 30 days, booths are non-refundable, but are transferrable with approval of show management.
 In the occasion that the market cannot be executed due to changing provincial health regulations, OCF will provide a reimbursement less 10% for administrative fees.

20. Upon approval, vendor will be invoiced from Accelerate Communications Group. Payment for this invoice is due within 7 days of receipt. Invoices can be paid by credit card, or by e-transfer to Vendor spots are only guaranteed when payment is received.


21. Additional Covid Protocols are in place.  Additional distancing between shacks, distance markings, additional sanitizing stations, and encouragement of the use of masks. Please note that we will have to monitor the quantity of people who pass through the market, so this will look very different than past events.

I agree to the above Terms and Conditions for the Okanagan ChristmasFest Outdoor Artisan Marketplace 2020. *